The wonders of Lulu

My work-in-progress is almost finished.  Again.

This time, I really think that this is my final round for beta readers and query letters.  If I don’t get a bite, it may just be time to look into self-publishing.  E-books and Amazon and the whole self-publishing world has really changed what it means to be a “published author.”  But that is a topic for another post.  For this one, I wanted to share a little tip that is not only financially practical, but SO MUCH FUN!

Ya ready?  K, here it is.  Lulu.com.  You’re welcome.

No, really.  When I went through my first round of beta readers, I spent a LOT of money having Staples print up 8 1/2 x 11  pages for me. Regular, black & white, unbound pages.  Nothing special, hard to carry around, and it cost me way more than it should have.  For the next round, I went digital… emailed copies to everyone and basically hoped for the best.  Response was not great, and I never even heard back from some of my readers due to their lack of interest reading a whole novel solely on their computer.  I can’t say I blame them.

Then I discovered Lulu.  Fellow writers, this site is amazing.  They help self-publishers, and have marketplaces to sell your books and all of that, but the best part for me was that for like $10 I could have a trade paperback glossy covered BOOK to give to my readers.  Let me tell you, opening that box and seeing an actual book with my name on it… better than any Christmas present ever.  Granted, it’s still a work-in-progress… one could just as easily have a grocery list published in this manner.  But this was no grocery list.  It was a book.  MY BOOK.  And it looked something like this…


Okay, not a great photo of it.  And I chose a pretty generic cover, BUT… you guys.  It’s a book.  **sigh**

I’m about to send the next incarnation (that’s four now, if you’re keeping track) to Lulu for another go.  This time, I’ve thought more about the cover, the title is changed, and the story inside said cover is much improved.  And I can’t WAIT to see it in its newest form.  I’ll post pics when I get it.

So yeah… Lulu.com.  Spread the word.