Terrible Titles Are Fun!


Happy 2015 everybody! I skipped over the traditional posts of looking back and looking ahead and all of that. I’ve never been one to make traditional resolutions anyway, so I figured I’d spare you.

But! I did find a super fun idea on the always wonderful blog of Leandra. (Thanks for the tag!!) Here’s how it works. You bring up your current manuscript and scroll through. Stop in eight random locations and wherever your cursor is pointing, those word or phrase are your eight terrible titles.

So here goes!

1.  A Renegade Tear

2.  Wishful Thinking

3.  Maximum Capacity

4.  Right Here, Right Now

5.  Mostly Nice

6.  Liquid Empathy

7.  the Steps of the Mission

8.  A Big Chunk of Bark

So what do you think? Potential for inspiration in any of those? Ha! I think my favourite has to be number five.

I don’t usually tag folks to these things, but this is just too much fun. I’m tagging Beth Ellyn Summer and Karyne Norton (who both have great blogs you should totally check out if you don’t already follow them).

And the end. Now go write something!