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A teeny tiny preview


One of the blogs I follow had a post this week that I thought was just too cute to pass up. She said she had been tagged in the “777 Challenge.” Now, truth be told, I have been tagged by nobody. But I’m gonna play anyway. So here it is.

The rules are simple. You take your current WIP and post the seven lines which start seventh down on the seventh page. Got it? I know, not exactly rocket surgery, right? So here’s a little background first:

But first, a little background so it’s not completely out of left field. Since it’s only page seven, we’re still in chapter one. My main character Rennie is spending the summer in California, where her best friend Maia moved six months ago. Naturally, for her first night in town, Maia takes Rennie to a beach bonfire. Before she can even dip her toes in the Pacific, two unexpected events change the course of her summer (and potentially so much more). First, she has a vision which transports her to a world she’s seen only in her dreams. It leaves her rattled, but no one else saw anything unusual so she tries her best to file it away for later and just have a good time. Then, as she’s about to meet Maia’s new friends, she gets hit square in the shoulder with a pile of driftwood. She intends to give this bulldozer impersonator a piece of her mind, but when she sees him, she stops dead in her tracks. Alex is beautiful … and maybe even a little familiar?

So my seven lines are Rennie’s first attempt to speak to him when he asks if she’s all right. Here goes:

“Are you okay? I really should have been watching where I was going.” His voice is soft and poetic, a raspy quality that makes me want to lean in to hear him better.

“I’ll be fine, it’s problem. No! Problem. Fine.” Was that me? That wasn’t even a sentence! “I’m okay.” Better. Keep it short, keep breathing. Maia’s looking at me like I just grew a third arm and I realize too late that this is so not the first impression I would have wanted to make. When I was sane, I mean. I bite my lip and glance away. I’m just certain I knew how to form sentences this morning. Maybe I can blame that vision. I can’t quite shake the eerie feeling of having just been somewhere else.

“I didn’t catch your name,” he says, gallantly rescuing me from myself.

“Rennie!” I say, just a little too loudly. I clear my throat and try to recover my wits. “Rennie Winters.”

Okay, granted, not a huge preview. But just a tiny glimpse into their interaction. I love my characters. 🙂

I wasn’t tagged, so I’m not going to tag anyone either. But if you want to play, please tag me so I can see your WIP preview too!