Decemberish Thoughts


I’m home with a really nasty cold today, and as not fun as that is, it feels like a perfect excuse to catch up on my blog. December is my favourite time of year. I love winter weather, I love Starbucks red cups and Egg Nog Lattes (thank goodness they brought them back! What were they thinking??), I love Christmas specials and Christmas movies and Christmas trees and Christmas shopping… I freaking love December.

This year, I kind of feel like I’ve missed it. For the most part, it was for a super good reason… I got to spend almost two weeks in Japan! It was the trip of a lifetime, and so amazing to see Tokyo and the Ginza and Mt. Fuji and all the wonders of Tokyo Disney firsthand. And they were all decked out for Christmas everywhere, so I definitely got my fix while we were there. (A separate post with some pics will follow, I promise!) And then as soon as we got back, I got sick. This is actually not that unusual for me, unfortunately. My immune system is out of whack, and it’s hard for me not to pick up every bug that floats around. So add that to the recycled air on three flights and a day that literally lasted about 31 hours, and it equals me getting sick. Whee.

So here I am, with no Christmas decorations on my tree, hardly any Christmas presents bought (let alone wrapped or shipped), and my Christmas spirit is running very low. So I’ve decided (just now, in this moment; this is not what my post was going to be at all!) that I am going to make a Love List for December. I still have a week until Christmas, and let me tell you… it will happen ready or not, so I might as well enjoy the heck out of it. Here goes…

A Love List for December

Christmas shopping

Buying wrapping paper & bows & cards & tags

Christmas music!


Snow (even though we don’t have any yet, I love the potential)

Sweaters and scarves

People are nicer

Bells ringing outside Wal-Mart

Christmas lights

Sending & getting Christmas cards

Christmas movies & cheesy TV specials

Christmas cookies

Nativity scenes

Wreaths on front doors

Red cups at Starbucks

Cozy blankets & cocoa with little marshmallows

Okay, I’ll stop there because I really could go on and on and on. My spirit isn’t fully restored yet, but I am hopeful. And, cold or no cold, it’s time to light a few scented candles and put some ornaments on the tree. I can do that while I’m on codeine, right? What’s the worst that could happen? 🙂

Merry Christmas!!


A Love List for my book

book heart

Today’s post is all about inspiration. One of the blogs I follow (by Leandra, it’s about books, writing, and life in general – found here – it’s fantastic!) had a post that was so well timed in my writing journey. It was so inspiring to me, I have to follow her lead. She calls it a “love list,” and it’s basically a reminder that when I’m in the depths of editing and the throes of revisions, and I just want to delete the whole bloody thing and burn all of my notes … there are still things that I love about my story. What an amazing gift that can be in those dark moments! And for everyone who hasn’t been a beta reader, it’s a little tease of the things to come. So with no further ado, here is my love list for Drawn In…

Bonfire at the beach

Best friends


My hometown

A cave full of secrets

First date

Not falling out of a tree


Forbidden paper


Sketches & dreams

“Tell me a story”

Kisses in the park

Nerd shirts

A gift of fireflies

Just creating this list made me smile, and want to dive back into my story. Truly, if you are a writer, you owe yourself a love list. In a blog, in a journal, in the margins of your manuscript, on the back of a napkin … somewhere, just create this. You won’t regret it.