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Drawn In Cast List

cast list

So I’m writing this on the 17th (even though I’ll post tomorrow), and today is my one month-iversary of releasing Drawn In! It’s been so much fun to have people email me and send me messages on Facebook with pictures of receiving their book in the mail, or their pleas for the second book. I love it!

And as people read and ask questions, I’ve had several people ask who the characters would be cast as in my dream movie version, so I thought I would do a post to answer the question! Not all of the characters were inspired by actors, most of them just live in my head. But I’ll do my best to piece some folks together.

So, starting with my MC, Rennie was based on Molly Quinn (best known from Castle on ABC).

molly quinn3

Her BFF Maia was based mostly on my friend Meghan, with a touch of Miranda Kerr (the less made-up versions of her that I’ve seen anyway):

meghan - maia       miranda kerr

Her love interest Alex I haven’t found an exact match for, but he’s got a little Ben Barnes going on:

  ben barnes2

Seth is part antagonist for Rennie, part love interest for Maia. Again, no exact match, but he’s definitely got some elements of Theo James (cos, let’s face it, the guy is HOT and this is a good opportunity to post a picture) :

theo james


Okay, moving on … the only other two characters that I deliberately based on actors were Aidan (Maia’s father). He has always been Nathan Fillion in my head. Despite my adoration for Theo James, Nathan Fillion is my future husband. So hands off, ladies:


And last but definitely not least, the character of Hollis was written to be Dennis Haysbert:

dennis haysbert-the unit

And that is my cast for Drawn in! What do you think?

Do you cast your novels as you go? If you’ve read Drawn In, do any of these match your own ideas?