California Photos

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then can I say I wrote 17,000 words this week? Okay, that might be cheating a bit. But I did get some great photos from my friend Heather, who grew up in the same town I did, which happens to be the town where my book Drawn In is set. Let me tell you a little bit about it…

San Luis Obispo, California is about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and about 2o miles from the coast. It’s nestled in golden foothills, agriculturally based, home to a great university, and has small town local charm up the wazoo. Some of the country’s best vineyards are just over the hill in Paso Robles, there’s great shopping in a thriving downtown, it’s 20 minutes from the beach, has a great local arts scene, and is about as close to a perfect coastal town as you can get. That may be hindsight talking, but it truly is spectacular. And it’s worthy of being the setting for my debut novel.

So I have posted all of my favourite photos on my website, which you can find here. And here is one of the pics as a preview…


That’s Avila Beach, where the first scene of my book takes place (a bonfire on the beach – I couldn’t resist!).

And there we have it … check out the photos and please enjoy my hometown!