Hi, I’m Sioux and I’m a writer.

I’m also a reader (those things really go hand-in-hand, but I felt it worth saying).

In my non-book-related time, I like to travel, see movies, cook (or at least post lots of recipes to my Pinterest boards that I may or may not make), all things Disney, and most things Joss Whedon (with the exception of the really scary things that I can’t watch). Oh, and I may be addicted to Starbucks. And now, because I never know what to write in these things, here is a small list of some of my favourite things:

Books: Watership Down (Adams), To Kill a Mockingbird (Lee), The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe (Lewis), Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (See), Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Carroll), A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Adams), Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles (George), the Memoirs of Cleopatra (George), the Paradise War trilogy (Lawhead), Divergent trilogy (Roth), Harry Potter series (Rowling), The Last Jihad series (Rosenberg), The Circle series (Dekker), the Constant Princess (Gregory), Carve the Mark / the Fates Divide (Roth), Grisha series (Bardugo), Shatter Me series (Mafi)

Movies: Star Wars (IV, V & VI), the Princess Bride, Clue, Alice in Wonderland (animated), the Matrix, Ocean’s 11, Casablanca, Singin’ in the Rain, Pride & Prejudice (BBC), Despicable Me 2, About Time, White Christmas, Zootopia

TV Shows: Firefly, Doctor Who, 24, Castle, the Gilmore Girls, the Amazing Race, the Mandlorian, Friends, Great British Baking Championship, Survivor

If I could have tea with any three celebrities, it would be Taylor Swift, Veronica Roth, and Nathan Fillion.  But I might ask Taylor and Veronica to leave early.

Three random facts about me:

  1. My favourite word is “nevertheless.”
  2. I have a disease no one’s every heard of called Pyoderma Gangrenosum.  See?  Never heard of it, right?
  3. I own the cutest puppy in the entire world.  No really, she’s the cutest.  Your argument is invalid.

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