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Showing Some Love to the Love Triangle


Love triangles get a bad rap in the YA world these days. Personally, as a reader, I enjoy them. But I enjoy them within certain parameters. They have to be well done, well crafted. They should be an interesting and fun (and sometimes agonizing!) part of the plot, but they should not BE the plot.

I read a comparison once that aptly depicted this distinction for me. Basically it said that without the love triangle, the Hunger Games is about a girl fighting for her life in a televised fight to the death and accidentally sparking a revolution. While Twilight without the love triangle is about a girl who moves to a small town where it rains a lot.

I knew that I would be dealing with a love triangle of sorts in my second book. What I didn’t know is how much I would LOVE writing it! It has been so much fun, and I’m finding some elements and depths of characters that I didn’t expect which is always a bonus. I rarely write in order anyway, I write what is most pressing, or whatever is loudest in my head. And these days when I sit down to write, I find that it’s almost always the triangley bits. I’m sure when I’m putting it all together and doing my editing, I’ll find that I have way more than I actually need. But that’s okay too. Maybe I’ll release a “director’s cut” version of my book with the deleted scenes. Ha! 🙂

So what are your thoughts on love triangles? What is the BEST one you’ve read?

2 thoughts on “Showing Some Love to the Love Triangle”

  1. I love that explanation! Totally makes sense. And the love triangle that’s stayed w/me the most is the one from Twilight. I can’t recall reading another one where I really did feel torn like I did with that one. With all the others I usually pick someone and stay firm. Like from The Hunger Games– Team Peeta all the way! He. Can. Bake. Why would you EVER pick another guy?! 😉

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    1. LOL so true! He can bake, why bother with Gale? I think the best part of the Twilight triangle is that both guys have actual merit. It seems like so many times, one guy is a total jerk or the girl has been stuck on him but it’s not reciprocated, or some other circumstance that leads us directly to one guy. I think it’s much more interesting when both of them have a legit “claim.” (That’s the kind I’m going for!) 🙂


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