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A while back I posted about switching my publishing role models. I mean, if I’m looking to self-publish, then I shouldn’t be looking to the career arcs of Veronica Roths and Suzanne Collinses and JK Rowlings. They are great role models in many ways, I’m sure, but comparing their meteoric rise to what a regular human can expect to achieve is a bit disheartening. So instead, I started looking to amazing indie authors for inspiration. The two that immediately came to mind were Sarah J Maas and Kate Avery Ellison. I love their work, and while they’ve had vastly different career paths, both are very encouraging to me as I start out.

Well, one of those inspiring authors has inspired me yet again. Kate Avery Ellison has just released a new book. I know, nothing all that amazing about that for a publishing author, right? But wait… here’s the story. She is currently writing a YA series based on Atlantis mythology called Secrets of Itlantis (find the first one here). The third one was just released in August of this year, so it’s brand spankin’ new. In fact, all three books of the trilogy were released this year. But book three? That’s not the book I’m talking about. No, somehow in between writing books two and three, she came across a draft of an older manuscript that she’d never published. So she took it back out, dusted it off, gave it some TLC and now voila! Book.

gift of poison


And that, my friends, is inspirational to me. I’ve been working for three years to get one book in shape to publish (granted, it’s my first and there is quite a steep learning curve, but still…), and here she is publishing an entire trilogy PLUS an old WIP all in one year.

Is it okay to say that I want to be her when I grow up?

4 thoughts on “Indie Inspiration”

  1. I have such a fascination w/Sarah J Maas! Kate’s new to me but her books look wonderful. And so true about it being disheartening. Sometimes it’s really hard to keep your eyes on your own path. But we can do it! 🙂 With determination…& chocolate! 😉


    1. Yes! Determination, chocolate, and Starbucks. Ha! We can do it!
      I love Sarah J Maas too – stumbled onto Throne of Glass a few years back and completely fell in love with the whole world she created. Such strong characters, and I LOVE that there’s a whole life that happens before that novel. The novellas were amazing and broke my heart. Love her!


  2. I still have to read Throne of Glass! I too get very disheartened and I’m really working on staying more positive, since it does me no good to mope…but if moping got a book written I’d have, like, a hundred best sellers haha. I love reading books by authors who inspire me, mainly Sophie Kinsella. She’s my idol! I always feel more inspired to work after reading her.


  3. You definitely have to read Throne of Glass – the whole saga is great. I haven’t read any Sophie Kinsella but I’ll check her out! I’m always looking for inspiration. 🙂


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