Writer’s Bucket List

bucket list


Confession right up front: I’m totally stealing this idea. I follow a great writing blog by Ave Jae (you can find her list here) and I found it so inspiring, and a great way to keep an eye on the prize. It also made me think about what “the prize” really is. Mine will be different since I’m not focusing on traditional publishing. But it’s precisely because of this reason that I want to do this. I think it will help to focus me since I feel a little flounder-y at the moment. So, with a hint from Ava Jae, I’m starting with a few things that I’ve already accomplished (because really, what is better than crossing things off a list?). So here goes…

  1. Finish first draft of a full-length novel
  2. Finish initial edit of a novel
  3. Finish final edits of a novel
  4. Choose fantastic cover art
  5. Go to a writer’s convention
  6. Publish my first book!
  7. Hold a finished, published, perfect copy of my book in my hands
  8. Have a launch party
  9. Have a book signing
  10. Get a great review from a complete stranger
  11. Outline a whole trilogy
  12. Complete a trilogy
  13. Get a fan letter
  14. Be someone’s favourite author
  15. See fanfic based on my characters
  16. See a tattoo based on my books
  17. Have an agent seek me out

So there we have it! What’s on your list?

6 thoughts on “Writer’s Bucket List”

  1. great list! My list includes: a huge signing, promoting my book on the Today show, or some other talk show, having a reader give me some kind of fan art, planning such a huge launch party that I get to go on Cupcake Wars as a guest judge and watch bakers battle it out to create the cupcakes that will be at my launch party.


  2. Ava Jae’s blog is super great! And ohmastars! Beth just broke the Writer’s Bucket list, lol! That would. Be. Amazing. And #7 would invoke a particularly sweet feeling, I do believe. And probably a few tears! =)


  3. Ha! I love #16. =) I just did this too! It’s fun to see what other people put. And I agree that it’s almost more important for you to have a list like this if you’re self-publishing. You have to be so internally motivated to be able to do every step yourself, and this is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Post it above your desk!


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