And the winner is…

Thanks so much to all who voted for the cover image to appear on my book! The winner is…


I have to agree, this is a very cool photo, and it actually fits my story really well. I’m still working it all out, going through the motions of querying and being rejected (such an interesting process), but while that’s happening I’m doing all of my homework and getting ready to self-publish. I think the biggest stumbling block for me is that right now, the way the game is laid out, if I take the step to self-publish my book, then I am essentially saying “Yes, I agree to the fact that I will NEVER have an agent represent my work, and I will NEVER be a Legitimate Author in the Traditional Publishing World.” And you know, that’s a big statement. And it might be part of what I have to accept if I move forward. But honestly, I’m coming to terms with even that.  I think that it’s all in my perspective. Instead of looking to Veronica Roth as the example (although I still adore her, and will have tea with her any time she asks), I need to look instead to Sarah J Maas and Kate Avery Ellison … Indie authors who have made it, and are surviving and thriving in that environment. Sarah, who went the self-pub route and is now represented and published mainstream due to her amazing series. And Kate whose series was successful and has since been offered representation but refused it in order to maintain her own autonomy over her vision. Both are so inspiring to me in their own ways (plus I’m a big fan, find Sarah here and Kate here).

So yeah, that’s where we are. The homework continues, the querying goes on (for now), and I keep getting to be a writer. Life is good.

2 thoughts on “And the winner is…”

  1. I LOVE IT!

    As far as agents … I don’t think “never” is true. I know you’ve read otherwise, but I still question the validity of the statement that self-publishing means no agent. writers evolve. You might have a project self-published and come to the interest of an agent that way – you never know. I could be wrong but I believe it was In the Night Circus that was originally self-published, then moved into trad publishing when it was “discovered.”

    There are also authors who started in self-publishing, went to traditional, then went back to self-publishing because they earned more and were guaranteed to like their covers! 😛

    in any case…whatever you choose…congratulations on a gorgeous cover image (and perfect for your book!!) 🙂 ❤


    1. Thanks Rivkah! I don’t know if “never” means “never” any more. It’s all changing so fast… in five years’ time, who knows what the standard will be? Either way, I think I have to be comfortable with my choice and just move forward. There are a lot of things to consider, and I find myself going back and forth on the issue, even after I think I’ve decided one way or the other.
      I didn’t realise that Night Circus was self-pubbed first – I’ll have to look into that! There are always exceptions, but I think we have to plan on being the rule rather than the exception. And then, if something extraordinary happens, it’ll be a really lovely bonus. 🙂


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